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USMC PFT Calculator v1.1

I submitted version 1.1 of the USMC PFT Calculator to the App Store yesterday. This version fixes a typo on one of the scoring screens by replacing “2 Mile Run” with “3 Mile Run.” It also adds an option to use the high-altitude scoring tables for your run.


EZ Shopper Tutorial 4: Importing

By now you’ve probably realized the power of EZ Shopper but also how time-consuming it would be to enter a large numer of new items using the iPhone keyboard. To remedy this you have the ability to create a list in your favorite spreadsheet program, copy and paste it into an email to yourself, and then import it through EZ Shopper. When you import items you are importing them into an existing shopping list. If the item does not already exist it will be created during the import process and be available for you to use through EZ Shopper in the future. Read more…

A free PFT calculator for the Marines

I’m submitting the Marine Corps PFT Calculator to the App Store today.

Here is the description:

Quickly calculate your USMC PFT score. Simply enter your pull-ups or hang time, crunches, and your three-mile run time and the calculator will display your cumulative and event scores, your pass/fail status, and what class you qualified in. It also displays how many repetitions are required to max out your score for each exercise.

EZ Shopper Tutorial 3: Going Shopping

Tutorial Three shows how to use the Go Shopping! feature of EZ Shopper to pull everything together and improve your store visit. I’ve added a few items to my application that you don’t have if you’ve been following tutorials one and two. You can still follow along with what you have but the screens will look a little bit different.

Read more…

EZ Shopper Tutorial 2: Shopping Lists and Items

In this tutorial we’ll cover shopping lists and items. In brief, each item name must be unique but it can be assigned to many different shopping lists. And when you assign an item to a list you can specify a unique quantity for that item. For example, you can only have one Chips item, but you can assign it to the Groceries list with a quantity of two while simultaneously adding it to the Camping list with a quantity of three. On to the specifics! Read more…

EZ Shopper Tutorial 1: Stores and Aisles

Welcome to the first in a series of posts regarding how to use the EZ Shopper product.  EZ Shopper is designed to get you in and out of a store fast. Although grocery shopping was the real driver behind EZ Shopper’s development, any shopping trip can benefit. The general flow when using the application is as follows:

  1. Configure a store
  2. Configure the Aisles in the store
  3. Create a shopping list
  4. Add items to the shopping list
  5. Go shopping!

Keep in mind that you only have to add a store and its aisles once. After they’re created you can use them with multiple shopping lists in the future. The only time you would have to recreate an existing store is if they re-named their aisles. With that said, let’s get started! Read more…

EZ Shopper has been submitted to the App Store

I submitted EZ Shopper to the App Store last night.

EZ Shopper was designed to get you in and out of a store fast.  I’m tasked with taking care of the monthly grocery shopping and it usually takes me 1 – 2 hours to make a complete trip.  What I really dislike is when I can’t find an item and spend extra time wandering through the aisles or when I have to visit an aisle more than once because my list is out of order.

EZ Shopper takes care of this by allowing you to create a standard grocery list and assigning each item to an aisle while you’re shopping.  It will remember the aisle location for your next trip and group all items by aisle so you only have to visit it once.

EZ Shopper supports multiple stores in case you don’t do all your shopping at one place.  If the dog food is in aisle 10 at Store A but aisle 14 at Store B, EZ Shopper can handle it. Even nicer is the ability to arrange the aisles in your shopping order at each store.  This makes it easy to visit the aisles in the most efficient way possible.  Put your frozen aisles at the end of your list to make sure your Eggos don’t thaw before you get home!

I’ll let you know when the App is accepted, but I’m planning on a release date of September 14th, 2010.